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The Alex half of the twins! :] If you are looking for Juli's costumes her nickname here is Julibean. Check em out! :D

We are nothing but a silly pair of twins who love dressing up, nothing more or less.

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amam89 says, "Cute!"
For Sakagami Kouya from Loveless
amam89 says, "Love the blush marks and hair. Haha."
For Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV from Cowboy Bebop
amam89 says, "I thought you guys did an amazing job on the skit. Very gorgeous costumes."
For DJ Erika from Beatmania IIDX
amam89 says, "You both look so adorable!"
For Milk from Pop 'n Music
amam89 says, "That is a really creative idea!"
For Sora from Kingdom Hearts 2