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Hi there! My name is Kate, and I've been cosplaying technically since my first con back in 2005 (FanimeCon in San Jose, CA), but I really started in 2007 when I went as Sailor Saturn. I have no sewing skills to speak of, though I do enjoy making props and love the challenge involved. However, I hope to change that and learn sewing so that I will be able to make many of the dream cosplays I have come true.

Upcoming Costumes (as of 5/10/13)

*Namine - Dead Fantasy (Fanime 2013)

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Saturnchan says, "Thank you very much! ^^"
For Arrietty from Secret World of Arrietty, The
Hitori says, "Omg sugar cube, so clever! This all look wonderful"
For Arrietty from Secret World of Arrietty, The
Saturnchan says, "And how I missed this comment, I don't know! XD Yeah, I've had one for ages, but but never actively used it (though I am trying now, since I am trying to make more costumes and props, even if I can't show off the latter unless I go Celestial). And thank you! It did work out very well, though my grandma and I added some little hooks in between the buttons so it wouldn't gap (like what you did behind the buttons, which I love you for. Best idea ever.), but otherwise it worked out really well ^^ I hope you find your geta soon (because it always sucks having to replace stuff) and look forward to doing a photoshoot!! ^^"
For Shima from Yumekui Kenbun
bearmoon says, "Hahaha! Found you! Didn't know you had an ACP. SO yes, we do need to do a photoshoot together. Either by replacing my lost geta or through the chance of finding them when I move. This costume really looks amazing on you. I'm so glad it turned out being a perfect fit! Did everything wear ok?"
For Shima from Yumekui Kenbun