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Hi everyone, My name is Bronte but everyone just calls me Rune. I've been cosplaying since 2005 and have made over 12 costumes.^_^(i'm so proud of myself) I'm also in a cosplay group called BangBangNeko that me and my dad made. We go around conventions do skits, and this year at Kumoricon 2008 were going to have a panel. ^_^ YAH!

Anyways I love anime and you could call me a Nerd or otaku and I wouldn't care. Anime,manga and COSPLAY are my passion. When I get older I want to a run a maid/cosplay cafe, and become a well know cosplayer.....Well that's all I think? XD
Sorry if I seem a spaz I'm just bored, oh and if you see at cons don't be afaird to say hey.I like to meet new people, even though I'm shy most of the time.XD
K,Bye now.

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Chelseahavoc says, "your a cute rikku o.o im jelous of your blades"
For Rikku from Final Fantasy X-2