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Been cosplaying since 2004, and its been more fun than I can imagine. Picked up a sewing machine for the first time in 6 years to start making my own costumes. So far I'm pretty proud how each one has turned out thus far, & considering there's alot better cosplayers out there.
The funnest part about cosplay is that I have two kids to join in the fun. :D They both love dressing up and that makes it awesome to do family cosplays/costumes
Looking forward to new challenges, methods, and meeting new people :)

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Khiorii says, "ahh *runs in circles in appreciation* Thank you very much! *bows* "
For Darkness Tiger/ H-01 from Tiger and Bunny
For Darkness Tiger/ H-01 from Tiger and Bunny
HokaidoPlanet says, "that is a great looking wig"
For Dark from D・N・Angel
Athel says, "Wow! *0* Wonderful job and beautiful photos (especially the second *Q*)!"
For Zero from Code Geass R2
Raiji Magiwind says, "Very nice work, and I can understand what you mean by pleather nad all it friends....I felt eh same way after I finished my Organization cloak, which I actually cried...because of all the stress it put me under...including commiting the old monster I had"
For Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children