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Terranell says, "Yaaay, Vesperia!! You are a lovely Estelle."
For Estelle from Tales of Vesperia
SailorAnime says, "Wow, you're a very pretty Sharon! Plus the construction of the dress looks really nice!"
For Sharon Rainsworth from Pandora Hearts
Terranell says, "I really do like the green for Polka. Very very cute, great job. ^^"
For Polka from Eternal Sonata
bearmoon says, "Uwah!! An Elliot and Reo! Sooooo awesome!! *hearts* You guys look great!"
For Reo from Pandora Hearts
PockyPrincess says, "This is pure gold! Great series, great cosplays!"
For Masumi Okuyama from Nodame Cantabile