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Hi there!

I've been cosplaying since 1996 but have been costuming since about 1992, for ren faires. I started with Sailor Moon, mainly to get my Sailor Moon obsession out of my system, but we see where that got me! LOLZ

Real Life (tm) is rather busy right now, but I'm ITCHING to cosplay again!

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MissAmiMizuno says, "Awesome, it's gorgeous!"
For Sailor Cosmos from Sailor Moon Sailor Stars
sailormewmew says, "ha ha ha I just made a skirt for an outfit and I got stitches in my hand as well lets just say it was a very detailed skirt"
For Princess Serenity from Sailor Moon
sailormewmew says, "that's so funny that you said that about the boot covers b-cuz I had some boots that I actually painted pink like the live action ones but they don't fit me anymore"
For Sailor Moon from Sailor Moon
Dokudel says, "Lunat is like one of the best RPG's! Yay for cosplaying from it! :D"
For Mia from Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete
pockyprincessdarcy says, "Every time I see this character, I always think of you. You look perfect to the character. Really great photos too! ^_^"
For Mia from Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete