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Hi, my name is Toboe or, as I am also known on other forums/sites, PTToboe13. I have been cosplaying since my senior year in high school (2006), when a friend of mine needed a Hiei to her Kurama and dragged me along to Tekkoshocon IV. I had always wanted to cosplay before the con, but had never known where or how to go about doing so...I owe my entire cosplaying career to Chibi, I am truly in her debit.

Moving on...

As you can see the majority of my costumes are men; the reason behind this is because I don't like most anime heriones. *claps hands together* But, notheless, I hope you all enjoy my cosplays...and if you ever stumble upon me at a con or want to cosplay with, please don't be afraid, I don't bite. XD

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