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I'm so horrible at these things...Um, hi! I'm Ty, 21 years old, living in NYC. My days are filled with the purgatory of retail, and by night I'm a masked avenger, stalking the streets dispensing justice!

By which I mean, on the occasional weekend I dress up and go to anime conventions. D:

I'm also in the process of building up my customer base, doing cosplay commissions. If you'd like to see some of my work for other people, or have questions about costumes you see, just let me know!

This page is a WIP; I've got a lot of old costumes to add, and a lot of new ones to finish. Seven years of cons adds up to a lot of fabric...@_@ Bear with me!

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CeruleanDraco says, "*o* your sei is amazing! hands down THE BEST!!"
For Sei from Burst Angel
zipchan says, "You are such a pretty Marianne! <3"
For Marianne Vi Britannia from Code Geass
Sagebell says, "The fact you did that/those characters makes me very happy"
For Shadow Girl C-ko from Revolutionary Girl Utena
neoangelwink says, "you look very cute ^_^"
For Momoko from King of Fighters XI
Feytaline says, "Great photos! You guys look great."
For Mion Sonozaki from Higurashi no Naku Koro ni