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Hi, I'm Leelee and thanks for viewing my page. I hope you enjoy my costumes! ^-^ I've been cosplaying since I was only 12 years old and convention-ing since then as well. Now, being older I've made over 60 costumes and continue to do what I love as much as I possibly can. I don't really have a favorite genre, so my cosplay has no limits; I just cosplay who and what I love! Follow me on instagram or twitter @Leeleethebunny

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ToasterSix says, "TWO ADCS BOT LANE. REPORTED. You guys look amazing though. <3 So awesome!"
For Jinx from League of Legends
anna-neko says, "this is frikken fantastic!"
For Danielle Baptiste from The Angelus
For Flemeth from Dragon Age 2
stardustshadow says, "GORGEOUS PHOTOS *A*"
For Viera Fencer from Final Fantasy Tactics A2
LeeleetheBunny says, "LOL WRONG but thank you!! I want to make a Viera, maybe Red Mage? Now that I have the ears it's just like THROW FABRIC TOGETHER > HAVE VIERA COSTUME"
For Viera Fencer from Final Fantasy Tactics A2