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I am a costumer and performer for FoxMoon Productions at www.FoxMoonProductions.com and am one of the founding members of the Always Dreaming Cosplay Association at www.Always-Dream.com

Costume List So Far:
1.Luna Lovegood was my first character specific cosplay for the movie release and the last book release. She won an award at the Wizard Rock day at the Library.
2.Queen Beryl from PGSM now Completely completed. She has won first place twice at two different events and was my very first cosplay at an event..
3. Jo Carpenter from Burst Angel is Completely done. I even recently finished her coat. She debuted at A-Fest 07 as my second cosplay ever.
4. Syaoran Li from Tsubasa Chronicles. He's so adorable and was a challenge because he was my first crossplay and was debuted at Izumicon.
5. Sango from InuYasha was also debuted at Izumicon along with Scarlet T Fox dressed as Kirara.
6. Syaoran Li from Card Captors Sakura is next, won best walk on at Hana-con.
7. Shadow Weaver from She-Ra was created as a counter part for a friend's first cosplay. Debuted at March event in Norman.
8. Mai Valentine/Kajuku from Yu-Gi-Oh. Debuted at A-kon 19
9. Elendira The Crimson Nail from Trigun was completed and Debuted at A-kon 19
10. Suguru Fujisaki from Gravitation was a mostly closet cosplay created for fun to take to A-kon. My own clothes but I styled and colored the wig myself.
11. Black Pleather Rockstar Shuichi Shindou was another closet cosplay for A-kon fun. My own clothes but I styled and dyed the wig myself.
12. Pink Pleather Shuichi Shindou from Gravitation is in Complete.
13. Yuki Souma from Fruit's Basket is Complete.
14. Caprica 6 "Natasi" from Battlestar Galactica is nearly complete.
15. Hikaoru Hitachen from Ouran Host Club is in progress.

Next Convention Appearance:

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jessiedehwoarang says, "hi great costume heheh i m too make cosplay of shido bye bye"
For Tatsuhiko Shido from Nightwalker
Lolita Minako says, "Very cool! There needs to be more NightWalker love!"
For Tatsuhiko Shido from Nightwalker
White Rose Assassin says, "That's a pretty spiffy wig!"
For Mai Valentine / Kujaku from Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters
TakagiNaoSama says, "Wow! Very nice Mai!"
For Mai Valentine / Kujaku from Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters
bunny.jack says, "i like your cosplay you look cute and also i like your background in the first picture ^.^"
For Shuichi Shindou from Gravitation