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Hi. I'm a novice at cosplaying but i love it so and want to get into it really soon. I suck at sewing and most of my costumes have either been bought or really suck. The only thing that i can say i'm pretty good at is makeup. I wouldn't mind making other cosplayer friends. And tips are apreciated too!

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Instant-Rhapsody says, "I'm on the right. Ah, I love my friends. I love that Len so much. ( = 3=)"
For Kaito from Vocaloid
Instant-Rhapsody says, "The Kaito part of the Vocaloid shoot on Friday of Otakon '10. I'm the 4th from the left."
For Kaito from Vocaloid
Instant-Rhapsody says, "Me with Katara. Not a fan of this ship but it was was fun to meet other Avatar fans. I don't remember her name. If anyone knows please tell me."
For Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender