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Hi! My name is Abby, I'm a Child & Family Therapist by day and a cosplayer at night and on weekends.

I've been making costumes since 2004 and competing in masquerades since 2006. I used to cosplay with my two best friends, Sara and J'aimie, under the group name "Human Sushi Cosplay", but I typically do couple and solo projects now.

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HSC-Abby says, "Thank you!"
For Snow White from Disney Princesses
HSC-Abby says, "Thank you so much!"
For Snow White from Disney Princesses
lauramichelle says, "Beautiful embroidery!"
For Sansa Stark from Game of Thrones
Ambrosia says, "Breathtaking work. You translated this design exquisitely and look amazing in it."
For Snow White from Disney Princesses
Mehdia says, "What a beautifully detailed costume. The dye job is wonderful and the beading and embroidery is really well done. I love this look."
For Snow White from Disney Princesses