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Hi there :) I use ACParadise to help track which costumes I've created and completed, but I use my tumblr account to show progress pictures on current and completed costumes.

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Senna Pyon says, "WAAAA!! its amazing C: i love it >w<~b"
For Minato Namikaze / Yondaime from Naruto
JaclynGFC says, "excellent job on this difficult jacket. the back looks amazing! "
For Commander Shepard (Female) from Mass Effect 2
IzzyTheInsane says, "TOBI WA II KO DA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
For Tobi from Naruto
Claeris says, "You make an awesome Duo! The details are beautiful!"
For Duo Maxwell from Mobile Suit Gundam Wing
StrawberryKitty says, "OMG!!! Best tobi ever! Tobi is a good boy!!!"
For Tobi from Naruto