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Hi! I'm Neon. I'm located in Ohio & usually hit up conventions within the state, on top of a couple in Michigan & Indiana. I began officially cosplaying in the start of 2004 when my friend Kittytreats told me about Ohayocon & invited me to go along. Growing up, I'd always loved to play dress-up & would throw together costumes of random stuff, like X-Men characters, Star Wars characters, & even Ghostbusters. I spent the last half of 2003 coming up with costumes to take to Ohayocon. Ever since then, I've become addicted. For the most part, I've just put my stuff in my Myspace page, but after a lot of procrastinating, I made myself a page on Cosplay.com (under the same "neonlexicon" moniker.. it's also a lot more detailed than the profile here, as I do progress reports), & finally updated stuff on here.

Other things about me... I own a decent chunk of video game history. So many dusty systems (complete with Virtua Boy. *lol*) Anymore I love my PS3. I like action-based games, survival horror, platformers, fighting games, & puzzles. I'm a huge sci-fi/horror/cheesy action movie nut. Favorite movies include the likes of Ghostbusters, Event Horizon, Total Recall, Freeway, & Hot Fuzz. I collect comics. Some of my favorite titles include Painkiller Jane, Transmetroplitan, The Boys, Moon Knight, X-Factor, & Dawn. I collect way too many figures. For awhile it was Marvel Legends, but more recently I've been building up a GI Joe army. I'm not sure what my musical taste is. It alters. I love Filter, Faith No More, Rush, Radiohead, Trail of Dead, Nevermore, Iced Earth, Type O Negative, Electric Six, T-Rex, The Kinks, & who knows what else.

I'm always more than happy to answer questions about costume related stuff or just carry on about movies, comics, or video games. So if you get the urge, send me a message or find me on AIM whenever I decide to log in. (also under the "neonlexicon" name)

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