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Hi! I'm Ameria. I'm a cosplay, karaoke and Internet junkie, a singing pirate, and a self-proclaimed ally of justice. I've been going to cons since Ohayocon 2001.

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Ameria says, "Haha, thanks so much!"
For Carmen Sandiego from Carmen Sandiego
PhD Cosplay says, "It's official: you win the internet!"
For Carmen Sandiego from Carmen Sandiego
PeachyPie101 says, "this IS the best Ilia I've ever seen!"
For Ilia from Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
CosplayMage says, "Yay! Fuujin! Great cosplay and I love the weapon! ^o^"
For Fujin from Final Fantasy VIII
CosplayMage says, "Sora? ...Another Sora? ...Ahh! They're multiplying! XD But really, great cosplay!"
For Sora from Kingdom Hearts 2