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Otakon 2000 was my first convention and first cosplay experience. It was nothing short of excellent fun, so I kept going. Kept sewing. 11 years later, I still go to conventions. I don't do the volume that I once did, but it's still fun.

I think I found a sort of niche in big, weird costumes. Also an advocate for plus-size cosplay, in terms of appropriate character choice, tailoring, and remembering that THIS IS A HOBBY for funtimes.

Aside from cosplay, I work a srsbsns kind of job and have three cats. Cats are awesome.

A note: SDCC is the best con ever.

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Dokudel says, "Perfect!"
For Sailor Moon from Sailor Moon
Ambrosia says, "I hope you cherish that reaction video forever. You jerks. <3"
For Sailor Moon from Sailor Moon
Ambrosia says, "THE BEST."
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Aria says, "Oh my glory, I can't even begin to tell you how much I love your costume. You are the HOTTEST XD"
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