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Hello, everyone! My name's Jessica, though I'm better known as my cosplay alias, Rei2Rei. I’ve been attending conventions since around 2002!

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Ammie says, "I love your costume! Everything about it looks so clean and professional. I love the wig choice as well, Arda wigs are so wonderful! Everything looks amazing!"
For Baby Doll from Sucker Punch
NatsumeShinXxX says, "You are a great little sister, Love the contacts!"
For Little Sister from Bioshock 2
VintageAerith says, "AAH, oh my gosh, I clicked on your page after you PMed me. I've definitely seen your Rosette before, and admired it so much. You look amazing! <3"
For Rosette Christopher from Chrono Crusade
KillMeSarah says, "Whooooaaahhhh, HELL YA!!!"
For Lady Gaga from Lady Gaga
Camittles says, "I'm so sad I missed seeing you at Nekocon in this! <3"
For Lady Gaga from Lady Gaga