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I love to cosplay very much, as most others on this site would.
I tend to keep for the weird or unseen costumes...usually having something to do with blue.
I am always open to some crit. so if you have something to say go for it.

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pook_da_nerd says, "....omg dude...... that is like.... SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!"
For Jenova from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
Jasdavi says, "Woo woo! Go Dero!"
For Jasdero from D. Gray-Man
Ryozu Miazaki says, "Cool. :3"
For Gun from Final Fantasy VII: Before Crisis
Misstress Testament says, "Wow very nice, you even got the ears! Lovely lovely lovely. Keep up the good work."
For Yaone from Saiyuki Gaiden
Envy-Senpai says, "KYAAAAAAH! I love this!!!!! Jasdero is one of my favorite Noahs. XD"
For Jasdero from D. Gray-Man