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First of all I have to thank you for joining my profile here on AC. I am a female cosplayer from Germany who is into cosplay since 2007. This year I graduated with leisure and tourism management and now looking for the job I love and want to work in forever.

With cosplay I have started with Manga Cosplays, but now I specialized in movie and in some cases Pixar Costumes. So I really love you enjoy them.

Besides cosplay I am also totally into sewing, so if you need a plush and I have the time … please send me a note :3

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Moosey_Fate13 says, "Ooh, my heart! This is really cute! Hope to see more photos of it soon! ;u;"
For Ellie Fredricksen from Up
Ammie says, "Yeeesssss!!!! You look AWESOME! The vest is perfect! Great work!"
For Bilbo Baggins from Hobbit, The
Kat326 says, "Sooooo adorable!! "
For Ellie Fredricksen from Up
Ambrosia says, "CRYING FOR DAYS. You are super adorable and I'm so glad to see someone pay tribute to such a great character. <3"
For Ellie Fredricksen from Up
Jubei-chan says, "Adventure is out there! So much awesome that you made an Ellie costume!!! Love all the love that you put into your work!"
For Ellie Fredricksen from Up