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This portfolio deleted on 5/5/18.

Please use this link for cosplay photos: https://www.facebook.com/dualwieldcosplay

Thank you!

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Runespeak says, "You've got mit, girl...Caught the essence of Chocolat...I'm gettin a cavity, lol."
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pockyprincessdarcy says, "Great job! You look just like her! Love your choice in materials as well."
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Miaka-li says, "This costume is just sooo great *loves it* And all the details - amazing!"
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xKasumix says, "What a cute Ayane you are!! Really nice work! :)"
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Dokro says, "WOW!!! Your Poison is so.... coooooool!!! :D Add other pics, PLEASEEEEEEEE!!! ;)"
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