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Hi! I am Yaminogame. Most people just call me Yami. I been cosplaying since 2005. I usually cosplay with my sister and my cosplay buddies. I like to cosplay characters from the more "Old-School" series like Digimon, Ranma, and Pokemon. I find characters from series from the 90's more interesting and fun to cosplay. I have met many great friends cosplaying! I hope I can keep doing this for years to come!

I love to cosplay. I find it extremely enjoyable and it is always fun to meet new people. My favorite convention is the San Diego Comic Con.

You can find my twin sister, RoxyRyoko and I on facebook

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Envel says, "aaahhhh this came out so good! ;3; All your girls' hard work really paid off!"
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Pumkin says, "That looks really cool :D"
For Soul Eater from Soul Eater
bluucircles says, "Wow, you look fierce and awesome!"
For San from Princess Mononoke
DestructoThePenguin says, "Very cute. :3 Good job you guys. You all look amazing!"
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