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4/11/19 - We're continuing to fix errors related to the server migration, but we see some people able to upload photos again. If you see a page display an error, you may want to refresh it once or twice, as there seems to be caching enabled on the server side.


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88JRFAN says, "very nice pic"
For Cassandra Alexandra from Soul Calibur 2
TakagiNaoSama says, "Excellent job!!"
For Dark Magician Girl from Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters
miyuhime says, "Very cute. Nicely done. ^_^"
For Kanaria Vogel from Rozen Maiden
La Chica Kazama Uchiha says, "Me encanta como te quedó el cosplay, sobretodo el pelo"
For Gaara from Naruto
vvinged says, "I think I like you better as L XD"
For Amane Misa from Death Note