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I'm Kristen! I've been cosplaying since late 2008 and JJBA was the gateway drug to my long standing love affair with spandex of all kinds. My cosplay philosophy is entirely gag-based these days.

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VocalCannibal says, "Thank you!! I learned a lot in process, for sure."
For Magilou from Tales of Berseria
Hime no Toki says, "This came out so good! :O I love the color blocking!"
For Magilou from Tales of Berseria
celsius says, "The cos is super cute and the pictures came out amazing!"
For Female Main Character from Persona 3
pockyprincessdarcy says, "Holy cow!! You look just like her in this costume! Perfect!!! *___*"
For Marina from Marina and the Diamonds
Varnani says, "WOW SUP BEAUTIFUL"
For Parasoul from Skullgirls