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Hello!! I had an account here a few years ago but didn't do much with it, but now that I have more costumes to show (and more to come) I decided to return!

I'm a big video game cosplayer; probably only a few of my cosplays ever have been anime or misc. related. I love Final Fantasy and Classic Zoids (Irvine is freakin awesome and cute!!), and lately I've been really getting into Fire Emblem ^_^. A few of my fav games are Paper Mario, Super Smash Bros, and Chrono Trigger.

Also I adore Kirby and want to cosplay all of his abilities XD.

At cosplay.com I'm snowkirby, and over at Cosplay Lab I'm also RabidTonberry :D

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Calm Finale says, "I love the fabric you chose! Great job! :) Thank you for the comment, by the way! ^_^"
For Terra Branford from Final Fantasy VI
zipchan says, "This is such a cute idea! Nice. <3"
For Misdreavus from Pokemon