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I'm horrible with introductions, but I'll try! Hey everyone, my name is Anele, and I have been cosplaying since Anime Expo 2003. I have won several awards for my costumes, but I think that, even though you feel great and also feel a sense of great achievement winning them, awards are nothing compared to the positive evaluation of your cosplay peers and closest friends. To me, these are the real awards of cosplay. I love meeting new friends through the connected world of cosplay, so don't be shy to approach me at a convention and say hi! ^_^

I also am a budding cosplay photographer. To see my most recent work, please visit my Livejournal photo community @ http://community.livejournal.com/sindarin_photos/profile **Special Note -- A very special thank you to my dear friend Jason from i360.com for the Celestial Status gift!**

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cherryteagirl says, "amazing cosplay!!"
For Kimahri Ronso from Final Fantasy X
Billybooze says, "oh you make a Pretty Yumi chan :3 I also cosplay Yumi, but those feathers can be a pain sometimes lol =^.^="
For Ayasegawa Yumichika from Bleach
mikarin says, "満点desu, anele san!!"
For Jiraiya from Naruto
wolfmizu says, "nice job! you pulled it off so well."
For Irvine Kinneas from Final Fantasy VIII
mikarin says, "Your Seiji kun is really cool. I love Seiji kun!! And being a photographer cosplaying as a photographer is such a cool thing to do^^."
For Seiji Hayami from Cutey Honey