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I'm Julia and I've been cosplaying since 06! (BUT IT WAS ULTRA GHETTO NARUTO COSPLAY SO IT DOESN'T COUNT...RIGHT?) I'm based in Norcal AT THIS VERY MOMENT, but starting September 2010, I'll be studying at UCLA for the next four years so I'll be Socal based.

I'm a photographer as well as a cosplayer!

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Miss Nintendo says, "I can't wait for our photoshoot :D"
For Simon from Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann
Miss Nintendo says, "Julia! You are just too cute, and this costume is flawless"
For Sun Shang Xiang from Dynasty Warriors 6
Ellome says, "Ohh my gosh you are aDORABLE."
For Relm Arrowny from Final Fantasy VI
Korin says, "I love this! Fantastic job on Porom! And you did the Afters version, too!"
For Porom from Final Fantasy IV: The After Years
cherryteagirl says, "Yay for Relm cosplay!! So cute!"
For Relm Arrowny from Final Fantasy VI