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Chiki, began her life immersed in a costuming world. Her parents were more than obsessed with Halloween holding epic parties every year and owning at local costume competitions. She learned to sew at age 10 years old and grew up in Opera costume shops with her Aunt, now the Costume Shop manager for the Barter Theater (state theater of Virginia). When she was not backstage, she also participated onstage performing for Sarasota Opera, Chautauqua Opera, school productions, and community theater.

Chiki began her venture into Cosplay in 2001 when she was in 8th grade. Since then she's attended over 21 conventions and has made over 35 costumes. She has been a guest at conventions, hosted cosplay competitions, competed in several competition, won awards for costume skits as well as Karaoke and held panels.

She's a bit obsessed with making costumes, but her obsession is fueled by her friend's shared obsession. Going to conventions and planning costume groups is one of the main ways she and her group stay close despite being many states apart.

Chiki loves to share her obsession with others, she's gotten many of her friends into Cosplay and took her obsession to a management role in the D20 Girls as well as becoming a rep in the League of Hot Geeks.

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Envel says, "This is such a pretty version of Reina! I love the layering of all your fluffy sashes!"
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Envel says, "Girl, you are a beautiful Mist, you need more pictures of this! :)"
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