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Irasshaimase! I'm Tenkage, a Colorado-based cosplayer. I started cosplaying back in the year 2002, and haven't stopped since! I hope you enjoy my collection!

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honorable-sword says, "I would like to see this cosplay again...one day."
For Azumi Kiribayashi from Real Bout High School
RiderFan says, "*Whistles* Wonderful! You look great! "
For Ayane from Dead or Alive 3
VampiroMortis says, "that's well done, you should thank your photographer as well"
For Hinata Hyuuga from Naruto Shippūden
VampiroMortis says, "i like it, even if it bought"
For Hinata Hyuuga from Naruto Shippūden
xXxfatedxXx says, "I can tell you put a lot of time and effort into this cosplay! done very well! :D i love it :)"
For Ninian from Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword