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Hi! I'm a red head (can ya tell from the name? ;) ) and I usually only cosplay red heads. I tried to cosplay Yukina from YYH once and that was a beautiful disaster. I really hate wigs, unless my character has a hat, which is fine :)

I have cosplayed the following:

♠Meroko (Full Moon wo Sagashite) (Ota06)

♠Christmas Asuka red vers [NGE Gaskupon] (Katsu07)

♠Christmas Asuka blue vers [see above]

♠Nami, from One Piece (Ota03 i think)

♠Sakura, from Naruto (I'm so ashamed) (Ota03)

♠Kanna from InuYasha (Katsu04)

♠Yukina from YYH (Ota05)

♠Kasumi from DOA (Ota06)

♠Victoria Ceras button coat vers (WITH HARCENON!) (Ota05)

♠School Girl Bloodrayne from Bloodrayne (Ota06)

♠Sarai (Katsu05)

♠Hentai Towel Girl (Katsu05)

♠Axel, from KH:COM (Ota06)


Projected Cosplays:


Anime: Neon Genesis Evangelion

Outfit: Monkey/Rave plugsuit (from gaskopon (sp?))

Con: Otakon '07 (Friday)


Anime: NGE

Outfit: Counterstrike vers.

Con: Otakon 07 (Thursday and Sunday)

♥Unknown for Otakon07 Saturday...

♥All the versions of Asuka (NGE) I can find. :D

My favorites:

Character: Asuka Langley, Neon Genesis
Evangelion [or] Lina Inverse, Slayers

Pairing: HakuXZabuza, Naruto (I stopped watching when they died)

Manga: Rebirth by Woo or Ghost Hun by (can'tremember)

Anime: Currently, SpeedGrapher

First: Cowboy Bebop

Latest: SpeedGrapher

Do you:

AMVs: Watch 'em, don't make 'em

Cosplay: Hell yeah.

Props: My dad and I bond over it :P

Support yuri/yaoi: Yep

DO yuri/yaoi: Yep. My Rei that i always cosplay with, we always do yuri when asked. :)

Next Convention Appearance:

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