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I've been cosplaying for abour 4 years i think. Lol i don't even remember. Anyhow I think i have around ten cosplays, and still adding.

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Hansonanime says, "Beautiful"
For Sunao Fujimori from Sukisho
Hansonanime says, "OOOOO! I was wondering when someone would do Sukisho! I LOVE that show. Nice work!"
For Sunao Fujimori from Sukisho
Ichigo_Kurosaki says, "Good Etna"
For Etna from Disgaea
CrazyTorqueAgito says, "Amazing! Amazing costume! I feel like my heart is about to burst out of my chest. I can't help but drop my jaw at the images you have. Wonderful work! :)"
For Akito / Agito Wanijima from Air Gear
eyecandy-sweetooth says, "Wow! all three of those costumes are great! I don't cosplay because I'm a bit lazy and I don't really have the face for it.. plus I'm still finishing up 10th grade and I should be on 11th by now (online courses). Orange County- you mean Connecticut? I"
For Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist