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I'm 29 years old and married to a wonderful man who puts up with all this expensive cosplay nonsense. I love cosplay. Anime North 04 was my first convention and I had to dress up. Fell in love with the whole convention experience.

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Ammie says, "Your always my fav star fighter!! Your costume is beyond perfect!! Great job!!"
For Sailor Star Fighter from Sailor Moon Sailor Stars
NozeNuggets says, "I love it!"
For Fake Sailor Moon from Sailor Moon
NozeNuggets says, "Zoicite was the name of the villain. Which would be a cosplay as a crossplay IIRC...So instead of red, it would be purple to do Zoicite, am I right?"
For Fake Sailor Moon from Sailor Moon
pockyprincessdarcy says, "This is beautifully made! I love how bold your colors are and the paints you used! Snazzy!"
For Rosiel from Angel Sanctuary
White Rose Assassin says, "I totally remember this from my childhood! You did an awesome job. Bonus points for originality!"
For Fake Sailor Moon from Sailor Moon