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hi all....I've been cosplaying since A-kon 13. I really enjoy finding costumes that will challenge me to learn new skills etc. I'm sort of bad about maintaining my account here, so... if things are miserably out of date, sorry. ^^; bear with me and I'll eventually post.

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SailorAnime says, "This is a super cute design! ~"
For Carnivine from Pokemon
MangaFreak150 says, "this is awesome! 8D"
For Shuichi Shindou from Gravitation
LordMoufMouf says, "Cute! Love the wig color. :)"
For Princess Tutu from Princess Tutu
Kichara says, "I LOVE it! *___*"
For Uzura from Princess Tutu
*Shiva* says, "OMG Uzura cosplay! Good work sirrah! xD"
For Uzura from Princess Tutu