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Videogames, anime, art, and music are my life! I like any anime as long as it's good, and not H. Yes, I'm a furry.

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Me-Apple says, "aww that looks soo cuuute on u XD"
For Pretty Sammy from Mahou Shoujo Pretty Sammy
SunflowerMomma says, "Greetings! Trying to find a Lucario costume for my daughter to wear for Halloween. She wears 14-16, and is too big for must kid's costumes. Any tips? I'm a spazz at sewing, so that's out."
For Lucario / Rukario from Pokemon
KyluYasha says, "I remember seeing you at Ohayocon6 I think, hey lets be friends, my name is Kyle, and I thought your Rouge the Bat cosplay outfit was very awsome, are you gonna be going to Ohayocon8? how do you add someone to your friend list? I'm new to this site"
For Rouge the Bat from Sonic Adventure