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Hello, I love to cosplay! (duh)

My name's e-chan and I love making new friends, so talk to me!

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PatrickD says, "I absolutely love Dramacon and you've done a great job recreating Sandra. It's like you stepped off the page!"
For Sandra Green from Dramacon
Lady Hoshi says, "you did such a great job! the wig is amazing!"
For Sandra Green from Dramacon
PockyFairy says, "you make such a cute Link!"
For Link from Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Pwnage says, "Very nice costume~ I love the series and you've executed her outfit perfectly, down to the wig"
For Sandra Green from Dramacon
starbellied_sneech110 says, "Cute! I LOVE Loveless! Great job with this one too!"
For Hawatari Yuiko from Loveless