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I'm Joie, and I've been cosplaying for a very long time. For almost every Halloween throughout my childhood my mother and I would make costumes of my favorite Disney characters, but my first anime-related costume, Sailor Moon, wasn't until 1998. I didn't really get into it heavily until my best friend Hannah and I did a cosplay group together from Final Fantasy X back in 2002. We had so much fun that I just had to keep doing it! She and I both share a love for anime, manga, designing and sewing costumes, singing, dancing, and performance-- so we married all of those hobbies into one with our cosplay group Harmonic Cosplay. This hobby has really turned into a wonderful creative activity that lets me spend time with my friends and family-- I can't imagine not doing it! Anyway, I hope you enjoy my costumes!

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VampiricMosaic says, "This is gorgous! You inspire me to make better Luna outfits! ^.^"
For Luna from Sailor Moon Super S
hodge says, "DANG! nice costume"
For Lum from Urusei Yatsura
VenusStar says, "very pretty. I love your Venus costume...I want to steal it hehehe. Great job!"
For Eternal Sailor Venus from Sailor Moon Sailor Stars
etaru says, "Wonderfully done Lum! Very shmexy! +^_~+ Love the CG too~"
For Lum from Urusei Yatsura
xKasumix says, "so sweet and beautiful!! * _ * Your costume is gorgeous!"
For Naminé from Kingdom Hearts 2