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I've been watching Anime since before I can remember, and playing video games since I was 4.
I grew up in a military family so we were able to travel a lot before I even was middle school age.

Spending about 6 years in Okinawa, Japan pretty much sealed my fate as a lifetime fan of Anime and Japanese Fashion. I cosplayed a little in 1995 for that years children's day, and misc holidays and festivals but that was before I knew what cosplay was.

I officially started cosplay in 1999 when I went to Nekocon. After that point I was thrilled with the thought of cosplaying as your favorite Anime/game character with other people with the same love.

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VelvetCrowe says, "That cosplay looks great! And I love that you posed next to an aetheryte. That's such a great picture!"
For Krile Mayer Baldesion from Final Fantasy XIV
Dokudel says, "Yay for obscure cosplay. ^_^"
For Legretta the Quick from Tales of the Abyss
sala says, "Aww...you certainly don't see many VoH cosplayers! And I've never seen of Queen Horn cosplayer before. Great costume! :)"
For Queen Horn from Violinist of Hameln
Miri says, "You make an adorable Hyatt! :D"
For from
Miri says, "I love Pine. ^_^ Nice costume!"
For Pine from Space Channel 5 Part 2