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Hello everyone! I'm Ashura Castle and welcome to my ACP page. I have been cosplaying since 2002. For a more complete collection of my costumes and photos, please visit my deviant art page:

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etaru says, "You're so pretty hon, I love all the little designs on the kimono!"
For Ninon Beart from King of Fighters: Maximum Impact 2
nami_butterfly_lover says, "Great!! You look really good!"
For Princess Ai from Princess Ai
SakuraRose says, "What an absolutely gorgeous costume."
For Hinata Hyuuga from Naruto
torakiji says, "wow, i never saw the...kanji on your..prop thingy ;p but everything's so awesome! congrats on your award, it's well deserved~"
For Kijin from Yami no Matsuei
etaru says, "I could've sworn I'd commented on this on cosplay.com, but....your Kijin really is the love!^^ The detail work is fantastic~!"
For Kijin from Yami no Matsuei