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TifaIA says, "You were adorable at A-Kon. ^^"
For Atoli from .hack//GU
saku says, "oh hay you finished it IT LOOKS SO GOOD. COMMENCE FANGIRLING."
For Atoli from .hack//GU
angelzxdemonz says, "i saw you at animefest! i love this costume"
For Queen Emeraldas from Queen Emeraldas
belldandyamz says, "hey, I got on sky pirate last year!!! I was belldandy! great picture!! What cosplay did you pick for animefest 2007?"
For Lenalee (Rinali) Lee from D. Gray-Man
Dokudel says, "She is such a cool character and you did her outfit justic! ^_^"
For Queen Emeraldas from Queen Emeraldas