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Hi! ^_^ I'm Sarah, anime/video game obsessed girl extreme! I love too many animes to name. I love the FF series..and UM JAMMER LAMMY! ^_^

I'm Chibi Yunie on cosplay.com, by the way!

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neoangelwink says, "^_^ yeahee harvest moon cosplay"
For Ann from Harvest Moon
Pi says, "love the mini skirt and the hair!"
For Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy VII
Miri says, "I don't think the wig's too bad, really. A bit dark, but not bad. Nice job. ^_^"
For Lammy from Um Jammer Lammy
kadaj_shinra says, "Love the Rufus outfit & all your others (as well) good job ^_^ Very lovely"
For Rufus Shinra from Final Fantasy VII