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Cosplay has become a very big part of my life, and is a way to be creative and has led me to making many new cosplay friends. Cosplay allows me to bring to life what I see on TV.

If you have any questions, please dont hesitate to ask :)

Thanks for visiting my profile!

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Angel Rozie says, "how sweet!!! im going to be Runpuzle this year for Halloween- hopefully, Ill have pictures up by the first"
For Rapunzel from Tangled
Terranell says, "DAT DASH. Let's wear these again, I love ponying it up with you. <3"
For Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony Friendship is Magic
Terranell says, "You're my favorite princess. <3 You looked so beautiful wearing this dress!"
For Anya / Anastasia Nicholaevna Romanova from Anastasia
Horuri says, "You make a gorgeous Princess Kakyuu! Love the wig~"
For Princess Kakyuu / Fireball from Sailor Moon Sailor Stars
Terranell says, "You were the prettiest princess at the con!"
For Rapunzel from Tangled