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I'm Naxul, and I'm just a regular old, poor cosplaying college student from sunny Cali. I've been attending conventions since FanimeCon 2005 and been making costumes since about 2008/2009ish.

I first got into this hobby because my mother liked to sew my halloween costumes for me every year while I grew up. Since I was brought up on video games and comic books, I would always ask for costumes you couldn't find in stores. When I was 4, I wanted to be the Pink Power Ranger and my mom totally made one for me! Way down the line, this lead me to attending my first convention in 2005 with a couple of friends and I couldn't believe how many radical costumes I kept on seeing. I went home, googled that "cosplay" word I kept on hearing during the convention and with that, it lead me to here today- still cosplaying, having crazy shenanigans, and meeting great people every time I attend a convention.

When I'm not cosplaying, you'll find me either at my jobs (supporting this hobby!), attending classes, playing video games, or sleeping. My favorite are the last two.

Feel free to message me!! Either here, or on my Facebook page. :]

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