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Oh my god I havent updated for like 2 years now....xDD *is in progress of uploading new costumes*
i'll make a better intro hopefully soon ):
btw how did i get to celestrial level?? o.O

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Yeu says, "I absolutely LOVE this pic of you, so many things combine to make a awesome photo! (You looking quite hot helped a lot)"
For UK / England / Arthur Kirkland from Axis Powers Hetalia
shiroro says, "Ahhh you and Setsu look so cuteeee! *^* I most def like your smile as America. XD"
For America / Alfred F. Jones from Axis Powers Hetalia
cherryteagirl says, "awesome Shin~!! <3"
For Shinichi (Shin) Okazaki from NANA
LawlietxEmii says, "OMISOI. Beautiful cosplay :D"
For Zero Kiryu from Vampire Knight
Feytaline says, "I HIGHLY APPROVE."
For Zero Kiryu from Vampire Knight