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...addicted to cosplay, yup :)

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ssjgoku88 says, "do u still have code geass jacket for sell?"
For Lelouch vi Britannia from Code Geass
aibyoka says, "I love this picture!"
For Kyoko Mogami from Skip Beat!
Luna says, "Yuuuuuukiiiiiiiiiii!!!! *stalk stalk stalk*"
For Natsuno Yuuki from Shiki
Sagebell says, "can you tell me what you made the gold arm bands from? Its the only peice of the cospaly I can figure otu how to make"
For Seung Mi-na from Soul Calibur 4
Sagebell says, "Extremely Well Done. I love it"
For Seung Mi-na from Soul Calibur 4