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Hi there! I'm Sarah, also known as Adella in the cosplay world. I've been cosplaying since 2000/2001, and I just adore it. I love to sew, write, draw, and play video games. I'm best known for my Final Fantasy 7 Aeris/Aerith costumes, but I have done many others.

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gundamerde says, "I have 4 questions for you!n1 where did you buy your wign2 how long is your wign3 how did you make the bown4 how did you get the bow to stay on your wign-i'm going to con in june and all i am missing is a lacus wig. nBy the way, great job with the cosplay! Lacus is my favorite female Gundam character!!"
For Lacus Clyne from Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny
Xyon Koreen says, "By far the prettiest Ayeka I've seen. You did a fantastic job bringing her to life."
For Ayeka from Tenchi Muyo
Nekosuki says, "I'm making a Belle just like this one and I was wondering where you took your pictures?"
For Belle from Beauty and the Beast
missrelena says, "Finally! I gorgeous Winnowill cosplayer that does the sneaky anti-healer justice! You are amazing!"
For Winnowill from Elfquest
bunny.jack says, "omg such a perfect Ayeka <3!!!!!!"
For Ayeka from Tenchi Muyo