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rebelcosplay says, "Ahhh! More Punchline cosplay!!!nnI literally just uploaded Rabura and was confused why the series already existed :')nnYou're an adorable Mikitan!"
For Mikatan Narugino from Punchline
sakakirose says, "You are such a cute Ginko~"
For Ginko Yurishiro from Yuri Kuma Arashi
Kichara says, "Always sooo nice to see awesome Baccano cosplay! I love you and your Jacuzzi! <3 "
For Nice Holystone from Baccano!
ZackPuppy says, "You know I'm all about that waist~"
For Akihito Kanbara from Beyond the Boundary
akitokitty says, "Kuma-Shock!! I love it! The crown looks awesome and I love how the skirt flares out like that. "
For Ginko Yurishiro from Yuri Kuma Arashi