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Hi, I'm Yuki Roxas ^ J^.. I've been a cosplayer for 6 years now, I've a lot of planned cosplays and a lot I've done, I have a cosplay group called Blood Holics. I'm also part of Black Tea Party pro and Project Vocal System an all VOCALOID dance team. Also I have a HEtalia only cosplay team called G8 Team cosplay.

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anime202876 says, "nice cosplay ^_^"
For Deidara from Naruto Shippūden
cherryteagirl says, "You are very cute as Mercury!"
For Ami Mizuno from Sailor Moon Sailor Stars
amam89 says, "Cute! She's adorable. : ]"
For Miyuki Takara from Lucky Star
Ellome says, "Nice job on the uniform! I know these are a pain and you won :D"
For Shiki Senri from Vampire Knight
_AyraTenou_ says, "i painted it my self n.n"
For Sasuke Uchiha from Naruto Shippūden