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Kanemochi Kanetarou says, "Cool eyes! And, You are popular in japan too. I'm glad I could write comment to you."
For Relena Darlian Peacecraft from Mobile Suit Gundam Wing
zippyelly says, "I can't get over Caster in the background. LOL"
For Saber from Fate/Stay Night
Azurneyes says, "Every time I see you, oh this boy has a heart attack.yah."
For Hinagiku Katsura from Hayate the Combat Butler
Azurneyes says, "You give and you give, you give your self away, I really couldn't live without you."
For Saber from Fate/Hollow Ataraxia
Azurneyes says, "The box deffinatly compliments you."
For Saber from Fate/Hollow Ataraxia