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Hey Everyone!
Ok..I'm bad..I haven't updated this page in probably over a year..so it's in serious need! I have waay more costumes than this now!! But I will do it soon! I promise (..hope!) hee hee But as you can probably tell from this fact - I am a pretty busy girl. I live in California, where I was born, raised, and went to college. I float between Northern and Southern Cali, but Nor-Cal is where I was born, and so my true home. I am an actress and singer. I am currently a teacher and assistant administrative director at an Acting School for children, while I perform on the side. It's fun!
I have been cosplaying for many years! (since '98!) It's a fun hobby and I enjoy it very much, especially because it gives me an excuse to spend time with friends! =D I'm the third Goddess in a trio -- Raya and Allie Skuld are my two cosplay sisters--we've been doing this together since we started! We form the cosplay group Ah! My Cosplay. I am also the director of USA Musume! Which is another great and fun group full of friends that I love! =D

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Cloud says, "You look like a singstar in that dress nice!"
For Rinoa Heartilly from Final Fantasy VIII
Runespeak says, "My favorite character from Himiko-den!!! You have done her wonderfully...I have been dying to see this...Totally HOT!!!"
For Shino from Himikoden
Miri says, "That would certainly teach some lessons.. Awesome costume, it looks great. :D"
For Big Bird from Sesame Street
Miri says, "I don't know the character, but I love green, and I love the design. Nice work! :D"
For Aya Matsuura from Nochiura Natsumi
Angel_Aimee says, "wow.....Your beauitful"
For Lenne from Final Fantasy X-2