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Hmm...let's see here ^^ Right now, I'm watching Takeshi Kaneshiro in "Anna Magdelena". What does this have to do with my intro? Nothing really...only that I'm not really understanding the movie, but it's really weird, so I like it. ^_^ I guess that is what cosplaying is like also in a way for me. I don't know -why- I like it so much, but it's in my blood. Last year ('99), I didn't make a costume (first time in 3 years!) and I actually suffered from withdrawal symptoms at AX'99. I will NEVER go to a con again without a costume of my own. o.o Haha...since you're reading this, you might have felt this at one time or another, or can empathize. You might also be asking, how'd you get into this? Well...it all started with this school uniform at AX'96 that my friends persuaded me to get...which strangely (or not so strangely), was the seifuku Achika wore in the first Tenchi Muyo in Love! movie. The next year I got put into the role of Yaten (SMStars) by our fearless lea ader, though I wanted to be Seiya. Actually, it's well and good I got Yaten, cuz it all worked out MUCH better n.n. And from then on...well, I was hooked. ^_^

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