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Welcome to my ACP page!

I started very late with cosplay. Originally I just wanted to wear The Boss' costume. After I finished those 2 costumes I was suddenly stuck with this hobby and that's how I got into cosplay.
I cosplay characters I can identify with very good and do them all by myself by scratch.
Wigs, props,weapons, costumes. I also do commissions from time to time to close friends if they ask me for a favor :) I hope to sell commissions (props only) someday, but so far I don't think I'm good enough haha. And i want to give my best and that commissioners are proud of what they got from me. So this may take a little while until I sell commissions official)

I usually go to cons to meet my friends and meet new people sometimes. But mostly just to hang out with friends and have a wonderful time. So cosplay is not almost a MUST at cons. It makes just more fun to cosplay in a group together and do silly/funny/awesome stuff in the role of the characters.
I also love to bring them to life via photos and sometimes live. I take care of how the characters move/talk, act and try to resemble them the best I can.
I hope to do some more cosplays with friends before I "retire" and only do props for others.

I have a few costumes on my list, but you'll see new costumes when they're done ;) I only do 1-max3 costumes per year. So take a look on my sites from time to time :) I'm just really really busy and slow in making new costumes, haha.

Feel free to talk to me ;)

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For Cybil Bennett from Silent Hill
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